Pigeon iconostasis II

The iconostasis is a partition between worlds, a gate to the transcendent world. The bird (even street pigeon) is the mediator between this two worlds, between the earth and the sky. In time of war which the aggressor started against my country it is impossible not to think about line between life and death, the suffering of innocent people. The construction of my iconostasis resembles a symbolic dovecote, symbolic home, or a house under reconstruction, or an abandoned home. Creation of my Pigeon iconostasis based on the study of Ukrainian baroque iconostasis. This work is dedicated to the beautiful Bogorodchan iconostasis by the Ukrainian artist Yov Kondzelevich, repeats its baroque form, and street pigeon are placed on the scaffolding-like geometrical structure. 

Oksana Sadovenko

1. roč.


Studio 3EAM




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Oksana Sadovenko


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