Fragile Bodies

The main focus of my project was researching human ways of using everyday objects. Every object has a certain purpose, function and use. Function of a chair, for example, seems very obvious to us; it offers us a place to sit. This is the most basic way of using a chair. However, chair can be used in other ways as well. It can hold doors, it can serve as a substitution for a ladder, it can be used as a rack for clothes. Chair, an object that was initially created for a specific basic need, has, over time, developed into multi-functional one that has more than just one potential use. Changes of use happen in such a natural way that usually we do not even notice them, because they are not interfering with object’s primarily function. Shifting object’s way of using gave me an idea; I wanted to change an everyday object so radically that it would not be useful anymore and that its primarily function would be completely lost. This would be a way of transforming everyday objects into works of art. Therefore, I took some cotton earbuds, very common tools that can be found in the bathroom, dipped them in the porcelain and started building my imaginary objects. During the firing process the original cotton earbuds burned out, leaving behind only the porcelain shell. This became my own way of building Fragile Bodies. Original objects that I have used lost their initial purpose, function and use; the objects that replaced them become objects of art, evoking new associations. 

Maruša Mazej

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Šperk, Sklo a Keramika

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Maruša Mazej


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Šperk, Sklo a Keramika

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