The topic of my winter semester was: To Hand/In Hand.

At first, I wondered what can be in hand. May be a light, a life, dreams or myself. And whose hand it will be. Because of worldwide pandemic our every day’s life and plans are drastically changed. Now after dynamic life I had time with myself. During Erasmus program with no children, no husband, no day job and during lockdown in a foreign country where I came for studies and school buildings is closed. All my topics were primarily turned to myself. To see my hands from my own point of view and to find fulfilment for them.

I was inspired by an artist work about self-awareness and self-exploration. It was Traceys Emins work: The Last Great Adventure is You (2014).

Starting point for my sketches was to have a look at my hands from my point of view and to find fulfilment for them. All my drawings were drawn with my right hand, looking at my left hand in different positions.

I sketch looking for content to my own hands. I draw nature, life, dreams, light and myself in my hands (hands held or rested on me).

Know thyself – it’s a maxim of ancient Greeks and motivation for many thinkers through the centuries to understand and observe themselves. This is an inspiration for me to investigate and understand myself and to be my own hand work through sense of touch.

I worked on some different sketches of ideas, how to represent hands intimate touch through glass material in materialized work, I wanted to show a healing and heavenly touch to my hand in search of myself. Andrienas Simotovas art works from paper inspired me to make some models that are based on intuition and touch. I made some plasticine models from my left-hand gestures, from them I made forms for a glass.

Sensory findings – are materialized intangible, which is why it is so strange to take in hand and feel the weight, colour and light that is captured in the glass sculptures.

Dace Mola

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Dace Mola


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