Škoda project Y

Škoda project Y (implying question „why“) is a large SUV coupe done in collaboration with Škoda Design. My focus was exploring alternative workflow, implementing Gravity sketch into early development stages. Chosen proposals were modeled in VR on package right from a doodle.

Why so precious? Why do we keep designing products in a way that suggests that they are only good enough in a condition as close to perfect and brand new as possible? It is a naive perspective, as cars tend to have a lifespan of several decades.

I used patinating material on the body to embrace the aging process. This car wears its scars proud. It also benefits the environment, as it reduces the amount of painting required in the production and necessity to replace lightly damaged parts.

The top of the body is a decorative sculpture with integrated lights function that can be personalized. Why would be cars so serious? This car has its own sense of humor.

Škoda project Y is part of a self-sufficient household, which can produce its own electricity and store it in a battery storage unit. These modular batteries can be used to increase range of the Škoda. 


David Sova

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David Sova


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