Save a Space inside the Safe Space

A wall. A boundary always has two sides, which differ by their function. They mark the inside and the outside, thus have a benefiting and a disadvantageous side. Positive and negative sides can alternate during their existence.

Walls are becoming more fragile through digitalization, the inside becoming more exposed. At the same time, the possibility to visit the outside of any city from anywhere is given by tolls like google earth 3D.

In my work I examined the fragile representations of walls. Partly walls are not or only fragmentarily represented and would therefore not or only conditionally fulfill their function as separation.

I transfer this seemingly decorative representation of walls into the real world with an object made out of materials which are commonly used to make fences.

Esther Heltschl

1. roč.


Flat Sculpture as well“ S.O.S

Socha, objekt, inštalácia


Ďalšie príspevky študentky*ta

Esther Heltschl



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