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The diploma collection consists of six garments that draw inspiration from neurological perception disorders,particularly sensory hallucinations. Simultaneously, the collection takes visual cues from the intricate structure of the brain, nervous system, and biomorphic design. Wide range of materials and technologies is used to add various elements of optical illusion, movement, or silhouette transformation to individual garments.

Every piece of the collection represents individual phenomenon, diagnose, symptome, or element connected to the physiology of human brain and the topic of hallucinations.

The title of the collection marks a diagnose of “imposed madness” or “shared delusional disorder”, where a dominant patient imposes its own delusions and hallucinations upon another person. The garments within the collection act as visual narratives, portraying the fragility of the human psyche and challenging societal criterias of normality.

Ivana Janigová

2. roč.


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Ivana Janigová


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