Mistlands is an area surrounding one of the lost cities of a planetary scale megastructure cluster, full of dangers and foes. Once a great city of a prospering civilization, now a barren wasteland coated in nanomist constantly being rebuilt by the DefAI of the Dungeon.

Dragonskin, strewn across the forest floor, disintegrating.

The slow, never stopping wind,
Keeping low, liquid seeping into the hollow sinks of the earth,
Particle dust layers forming radiating textures.

Horrified disbelief has been my only feeling lately.

You cant read the facial expressions of an invisible crowd.

Glitch entrance.

No will left to fight. Beheaded by a spearspell.

Maximilián Rumanský

4. roč.


Ateliér maľby III.



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Maximilián Rumanský


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